Reaction Biology : ProLiFiler-用於深入生物信息學分析的細胞面板篩選

Reaction Biology : ProLiFiler-用於深入生物信息學分析的細胞面板篩選


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ProLiFiler: Cell Panel Screening For In-Depth Bioinformatics Analysis 


Reaction Biology’s ProLiFiler service provides in-depth bioinformatics analysis for researchers studying the therapeutic efficacy of their drug candidates. Our MoA finder provides sophisticated data, enabling the identification of the MoA (mode of action) by comparing screening profiles of over 900 drugs with a known MoA. The Biomarker Analysis helps in identifying the signature of responders to the test compound, helping researchers to focus on that specific cohort of patients who are to ultimately receive the treatment.

Advantages of ProLiFiler Bioinformatics Analysis:

  • Analysis performed by a data scientist.
  • Data interpretation supported by scientists.
  • Custom-tailored add-ons available.

Save the date: The next screening schedule for ProLiFiler will be on 20th September 2021. 




MoA Finder (Mode of Action) : Doxorubicin

Figure 1: Graphical presentation of the correlation of the drug sensitivity profile of doxorubicin to 732 reference compound‘s drug sensitivity profiles. Blue dots represent positive correlation and negative correlation represents red. X-axis: Spearman Rho correlation coefficient, Y axis: Spearman p-value


Biomarker Analysis:  Nutlin-3 

Figure 2: The graphical representation of nutlin-3 gene expression analysis using Limma test results shows highly expressed genes in drug-sensitive/resistant cell lines. MDM2 and other p53 pathway-related genes were highly expressed in tumor cell lines, which were sensitive to nutlin-3 treatment. Blue dots are genes with high expression associated with sensitivity, yellow dots are genes with high expression associated with resistance. X-Axis: Difference in gene expression between responding and non-responding tumor cell lines (log2); Y-Axis: Limma p-value.








Reaction Biology is committed to quality data and quality service to be the partner of choice for supporting your drug discovery project. Let’s discover together.





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