Sino Biological |開發了一組重組IL-1β和IL-1β受體試劑來幫助您研究先天免疫反應

Sino Biological |開發了一組重組IL-1β和IL-1β受體試劑來幫助您研究先天免疫反應


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Proinflammatory Cytokine: Interleukin-1β (IL-1β)
The innate immunity, mediated by IL1 family proinflammatory cytokines, is the first line of defense against infections. Interleukin-1β (IL-1β), along with IL1-alpha and IL18, orchestrate the immune response through multiple downstream mechanisms. IL1-beta participates in the regulation of IL6 and TNF-alpha, and it also activates the vascular adhesion molecules ICAM1.
IL1-beta transduces its signal through binding with the receptor IL1RI, which is complexed with the accessory protein IL1RACP. IL1-beta signaling is negatively regulated by the decoy receptor IL1-RII, and the receptor antagonist IL1RA.
Sino Biological has developed a panel of recombinant IL-1β and IL-1β receptor reagents for the studying of the innate immune response.
protein-new.png Mature IL-1β Proteins
Compared to the competing product, Sino Biological’s IL-1β protein demonstrates a higher bioactivity as shown below.
1.jpg 2.jpg
Induce Interferon Gamma Secretion >95% Purity Determined by SEC-HPLC
Cat#: 50101-MNAE Cat#: 10139-HNAE
List of Recombinant IL-1β
human.png 10139-H07E

(Pro Form)
  human.png 10139-HNAE

(Mature Form)
  mouse.png 50101-MNAE

(Mature Form)
rat.png 80023-R07E

(Pro Form)
  rat.png 80023-RNAE

(Mature Form)
  rabbit.png 65004-TNAE

(Mature Form)
cynomolgus.png 90010-CNAE

(Mature Form)
  pig.png 62003-WNAE

(Mature Form)
  feline.png 67002-UNAE

(Mature Form)
canine.png 70018-DNAE

(Mature Form)
  Note: H: Human; R: Rat; Ra: Rabbit; M: Mouse; C: Canine;
Cy: Cynomolgus; P: Sus scrofa (Pig); F: Feline;
4.png IL-1β Signaling

• IL-1R1 & IL-1RACP: Induce downstream signaling cascade and gene transcription involved in inflammatory and immune pathways
• IL-1R2: Decoy receptor
Receptor Antagonist

• IL-1RA: Compete with IL1 to bind IL-1R1
Interleukin 1 alpha

• IL-1α: Other important member of IL-1 family, shares some overlapping function with IL-1β.
IL-1R1   IL-1RACP   IL-1R2   IL-1α
3.png ELISA Antibody Pairs for IL-1β
ELISA is the common technique to detect IL-1β protein. Sino Biological has developed several ELISA antibodies aganist IL-1β.
Recommended ELISA Antibody Pair
Capture: 10139-MM07

Mouse Monoclonal, Anti-Human IL-1β
  Detection: 10139-MM09

Mouse Monoclonal, Anti-Human IL-1β
Recommended ELISA Antibodies

Rabbit Monoclonal, Anti-Human IL-1β

Rabbit Monoclonal, Anti-Human IL-1β

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