Sino Biological | 雙特異性抗體生產服務

Sino Biological | 雙特異性抗體生產服務


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Bispecifics are challenging to manufacture, owing to their high complexity. To facilitate the rapid discovery and development of successful bispecific therapeutics, Sino Biological provides fast and efficient 雙特異性抗體(bsAb)生產服務 。based on its proprietary mammalian cell expression platforms and expertise in recombinant antibody production. Starting with antibody sequences, Sino Biological can deliver a wide range of bsAb formats, such as BiTE, IgG(H)-scFv, Diabody, CrossMab, DVD-IgG, and DutaMab.






Extensive Experience


Numerous successful bsAb projects

Almost any bsAb format can be customized



Optimized HEK293/CHO Platforms

Powerful QC Analysis

Proprietary expression vectors, transfection reagents, culture media, etc.

Purity, stability, solubility, affinity, and more (SDS-PAGE, UV, SEC-HPLC, endotoxin testing, ELISA, SPR, etc.)



Various Purification Methods

Protein Production & Antibody Development Expert

Protein A/G/L, IEC, and SEC

• Strong expertise
6,500+ recombinant proteins and 14,000+ antibodies library




Project: knobs-into-holes (KiH) bsAb
Challenge: removal of oligomers & mis-matched contaminants
Three-step purification: protein A-affinity, ion exchange, and gel filtration

Purity: SDS-PAGE > 95%; SEC-HPLC: 96.6%

Project: IgG(H)-scFv
Purification: protein A-affinity and gel filtration

Purity: SDS-PAGE > 95%; SEC-HPLC: 98.5%


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