Sino Biological | ?最新!!高精準多重生物標記免疫分析篩選平台

Sino Biological | ?最新!!高精準多重生物標記免疫分析篩選平台


最新的免疫分析篩選平台技術Affinity-Bead Assisted Mass Spectrometry (Affi-BAMS),在不同珠粒上結合特定蛋白和抗體,並透過免疫親和力和質譜檢測,可以達到一次偵測多種目標的能力,對於目標蛋白質分析的應用提供大大的幫助。


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Bead Assisted Mass Spectrometry (BAMSTM):
A High-Resolution, Immunoassay Platform for Multiplexed Biomarker Screening

10/13/2021, 2PM, EST


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The ability to quantitatively probe diverse panels of proteins and their post-translational modifications (PTMs) across multiple samples would aid a broad range of biological, biochemical, and pharmacological research efforts. A novel microarray-based immunoassay technology that can support highly multiplexed, targeted proteomic studies has been developed by Adeptrix. The technology, termed Affinity-Bead Assisted Mass Spectrometry (Affi-BAMSTM), combines immunoaffinity capture with mass spectrometry detection, and it enables the development of highly specific and customizable assay panels for simultaneous profiling of multiple proteins, PTMs, and proteoforms.

The Affi-BAMSTM workflow uses a bead-based enrichment approach in which each bead contains a single, protein (or site) specific antibody. Multiplexing capability is achieved by combining Affi-BAMSTM beads that have different specificities. With Affi-BAMS, both intact proteins and protein fragments can be monitored for targeted proteomics applications. Affi-BAMSTM reagents have been created for protein targets in the areas of oncology, neurology, epigenetics, virology, and food allergens. The presentation will introduce the Affi-BAMSTM workflow and highlight several application areas.


Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey C. Silva, Ph.D.

Jeffrey C. Silva, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer
Adeptrix Corporation

Dr. Jeffrey Silva got his Master’s and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University studying natural product biosynthesis and secondary metabolism in fungi, to examine how aflatoxin is produced by Aspergillus parasiticus. After graduate school, he pursued his post-doc at Harvard Medical School studying prokaryotic signal transduction of the model, two-component systems, PhoBR and VanRS. After that, he transitioned to the industry working as a senior scientist at a start-up company called Microbia (currently known as Ironwood Pharmaceuticals) focusing on Bioengineering fungal secondary metabolism and signal transduction machinery to overproduce pharmaceutically relevant natural products. After Microbia he spent many years working at Water Corporation as a development scientist in the area of global proteomics using novel LCMS methods. He later joined Cell Signaling Technology, where he served as the Director of the Proteomics Service Group, integrating affinity capture with mass spectrometry to carry out quantitative proteomics in the areas signal transduction (Serine, Threonine and Tyrosine phosphorylation), ubiquitin-directed protein degradation, as well as protein methylation and acetylation. He joined Adeptrix Corporation in 2017, and serves as the Chief Technology Officer to introduce a new assay technology platform that combines single-bead immunoaffinity capture with MALDI mass spectrometry for a wide range of targeted proteomic applications. He has also served as an Advisory Board Member at the Life Sciences Consortium of the North Shore, and a member of the Education Advisory Council at the Gloucester Marine Genomic Institute and their Biotechnology Academy.

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About Sino Biological

Sino Biological specializes in antibody development and recombinant protein production. All of Sino Biological’s products are independently developed and produced. Sino Biological offers pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms a variety of recombinant production and assay services for pre-clinical research development work. Sino Biological is dedicated to virology and infectious disease research. Its ProVir™ collection is the world’s largest viral antigen bank, carrying over 800 products from 350 strains of viruses. Sino Biological is the first company in the world to produce and supply the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein reagents. To support the development of immunodiagnostic assay, Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive collection of antigens and antibodies for SARS-CoV-2.

About Adeptrix Corp

Adeptrix Corp is a developer and manufacturer of analytical reagents and assays that are based on the company’s proprietary platform technology termed Bead Assisted Mass Spectrometry (BAMS). BAMS™ is an innovative and powerful analytical platform that allows immunoassays to be measured by MALDI mass spectrometry for rapid, precise and sensitive target analyte detection. The BAMS platform technology is both multiplexed (capable of measuring multiple target analytes in a single assay) and high-throughput (capable of measuring hundreds to thousands of assays per day), making it amenable for a wide range of bio-analytical applications in drug development, basic research and clinical diagnostics. The current inventory of BAMS reagents have been configured for protein analysis in the fields of neurology, oncology and epigenetics.

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