SinoBiological | 可裂解螢光探針 (cleavable fluorescent probes, CFP) : 單細胞原位基因體與蛋白質體分析的利器

SinoBiological | 可裂解螢光探針 (cleavable fluorescent probes, CFP) : 單細胞原位基因體與蛋白質體分析的利器



Key Learnings: single-cell in situ analysis spatial multiomics cleavable fluorescent probes

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May 15, 202412PM EST
Hosted by: Sino Biological
以單細胞原位技術分析全面分子狀態的能力對於我們理解癌症、神經生物學和幹細胞生物學至關重要。然而,現有的單細胞基因組學和蛋白​​質組學技術是在分離和擴增的生物分子上進行的。因此,它們隱藏了生物分子之間的空間關係。同時,其他基於原位成像的方法受到少量並行分析的限制。為了實現高度多重的單細胞原位分析,我們開發了可裂解螢光探針 (CFP),用於對單細胞原位進行全面的分子分析。在該方法中,親和探針可以高效、特異性地靶向生物分子,並透過化學可裂解的接頭與螢光團綴合。在第一個分析週期中,使用標記有不同螢光團的不同探針與單細胞中的分子標靶結合。在螢光成像和資料儲存後,整個樣本中與親和探針偶聯的所有不同螢光團同時被有效切割,而不會損失任何生物分子的完整性。透過標靶結合、螢光成像和螢光團切割的連續循環,該方法能夠對完整組織的單一細胞中大量不同基因組位點、轉錄物和蛋白質的身份、位置和豐度進行量化。這種高度多重的單細胞原位分析方法將為系統生物學、細胞異質性研究、分子診斷和細胞標靶治療帶來新的見解。
Jia Guo
Biodesign Institute & School of Molecular Sciences @Arizona State University
Jia Guo received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Columbia University. After doing postdoctoral research at Stanford University, he joined the faculty at Arizona State University, where he is currently Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. His research focuses on the development of ultra-sensitive single cell in situ genomics and proteomics technologies with novel fluorescent probes, which will enable the systematic analysis of the identities, positions and abundances of a large number of different biological molecules in individual cells of intact tissues.
Xiashan Wang
VP of Business Development @Spatomics
Xiaoshan Wang is VP of Business Development at Spatomics head quartered in Guilford Connecticut. Spatomics aims to build the world’s leading intelligent tool platform for spatial biology. Before joining Spatomics he worked Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Company where he focuses on RNAscope™ applications. With over 15 years in the biotechnology /clinical diagnostics field, Xiaoshan received his Master of Science degree in biomedical sciences from Virginia Tech, and his M.B.A. from University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.
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