Transomic |CRISPR全基因組庫-核心實驗室的絕佳資源

Transomic |CRISPR全基因組庫-核心實驗室的絕佳資源


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transEDIT-dual CRISPR Whole Genome
Arrayed Library

Dual gRNA expression for superior knockout efficacy

Sequence-verified arrayed libraries are ideal resources for core labs


The transEDIT-dual  CRISPR-Cas9 Whole Genome Arrayed Library was developed using the CRoatan algorithm by employing a random-forest-based gRNA prediction tool to create novel and superior gRNA designs. These gRNAs were then paired in a lentiviral vector to co-express and thus further augment their potency. A molecular barcode was incorporated in the vector to allow for downstream high-throughput analysis.



  • CRoatan algorithm gRNA designs result in superior knockout efficiency (read publication)

  • Two independent gRNAs in the same lentiviral vector further enhance for potent knockout

  • Unique barcode sequence identifier enables downstream analysis

  • All clones are sequence-verified

The transEDIT-dual CRISPR-Cas9 Whole Genome Arrayed Library targets over 19,000 genes in the human genome and is provided in 96-well plates as bacterial glycerol stocks.


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